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Stage de 4ème année d'école d'ingénieur. Stage en logistique , import/export

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Date of last connection: 2012-03-01
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59460 Jeumont

Prepared job(s): : Diplôme d'ingénieur en génie industriel


School: ENSIAME 59300 Aulnoy-lez-Valenciennes

Education level:

Highest educational level completed: number of years studied and completed with a diploma after highschool :
Last diploma :
Current educational level :
Prepared job(s): : Diplôme d'ingénieur en génie industriel

Duration of the internship: 6 à 8 semaines
Beginning of the internship:
2012-07-02 2012-08-24
Full-time Yes
Study-work program Yes
Geographical mobility from your place of residence : 100Km >> ...


Known Tools / Software/ Methods : Microsoft Office,arena,

HGV, LGV, special vehicles licences : B

Languages :

Cover letter

Object: request for a Work Placement


I am an engineering student on a 3-year work-based industrial engineering course leading to a Master’s Degree in the Valenciennes-based Ensiame Engineering School (France).
I have been working for a year for the Renault car manufacturer in Northern France as a trainee Engineer. As a compulsory part of my course I am required to carry out an eight week- work placement in industry lasting july/august 2012.
I aim to become an engineer specialized in logistics in a logistics and delivery department. That is why I am applying for a placement in your company. You will find my CV enclosed with this cover letter.

Rigorous and self-sufficient, I am willing to provide with the technical skills and knowledge that I acquired during my studies and my hands-on training in industry. Indeed in Renault’s logistics department, I have been developing adaptability and efficiency in teamwork. I am assigned to improve logistics internal flow. I modified supply methods from small packaging to big packaging. In the first place, I optimized the workstation while complying both with workstation ergonomics and supply. In the second place, I checked the transport route and determined the storage area. In the third place, I calculated the value added cost for the wholesale distributor. Eventually, I negotiated the product reference modification with the person in charge of car handling. I studied 130 references which resulted in a 30% profit gain for the department.

Therefore I would be delighted to be beneficial to your company in which I could put my organizational skills and my ability to work to good use.

I am looking forward to hearing from you. I am available for a phone interview anytime.
Yours sincerely,


Trainee Engineer in Industrial Engineering

PROJECT § Experience foreign corporate culture.
§ Develop my business knowledge and industrial know-how.
Put my initiative and my commitment to the service of your company.

    EDUCATION § 2008-2011: ENSIAME ALTERNANCE Engineering School of Industrial Engineering, Trainee engineer (Valenciennes University, France) on a two-year work-based course leading to a Masters’ Degree course in Mechanical-Industrial Engineering (Valenciennes University, France)
    Main Subjects: Mechanic, Mathematic, Logistic, Informatic, Management, Automatic, Sensor

    § 2007-2008: Baccalauréat S (French equivalent to A’Levels in science with a focus on biology) Pierre Forest high school (Maubeuge, France)
    Main Subjects: Mathematic, Biology, Physic, Geology, Foreign languages, History, Geography

    Language skills : English : proficient (6 week-language Course placement in Ramsgate, England (May- July 2011)
    Spanish : working knowledge (B1 level )
    IT skills : Microsoft Office, Visual Basic, Access.

    WORK EXPERIENCE § September 2010/October 2011: MCA (Renault) in logistic department (Maubeuge, France)
    - I improve logistics internal flowèI change of condition of supply
    (small packagingèbig packaging).
    - I optimize the workstation.
    - I check transport routes and determine the storage areas.
    - I calculate the value added cost for the wholesale distributor.
    - I assist in negotiating product reference modifications.

    § September/December 2009 : Acument a company which manufactures systems fastenings (France)
    - updated 150 machines to meet current safety standard (ISO 14001).
    - implemented solvent management systems.
    Work placement in the Health, Safety and Environment

    § Summer job 2009 : MCE Roubaix (North of France).
    - coordinated Telemarketing arranging business 2 business meetings.
    - managed incoming and outgoing calls.

    § Year 2008 to 2009 : Ensiame Alternance (Engineering School-Valenciennes University)- Manufacturing practical experience.
    - used a milling machine and digitally controlled machines.

    § Year 2008 : Euro-Diffusion (temporary employment)
    - Street marketing flyer distribution, animations.

    § Sport: Basketball in Jeumont Sports club.
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